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Virtua Tennis Challenge 4.5.4

Virtua Tennis Challenge 4.5.4 Download


Get into the world tennis stage


Virtua Tennis Challenge is a tennis game designed for mobile devices that will allow you to make it to the top in the SPT World Tour. Once you install the App data file onto your mobile device, you will be free to enjoy the arcade tennis gameplay that Sega, the developer team of the title for Android and iOS, offers alongside with its long game modes. The game is presented in digital format for the download.

The variety of Virtua Tennis Challenge lies in its number of different characters and the number of available stadiums. The player must choose a character at the beginning of their career and make them develop through different training stages and matches. The game allows up to 50 different characters, but none of them are real professional tennis players. There are 18 different stadiums in the game, and each of them includes different qualities such as the type of ground.

The technical aspect that Virtua Tennis Challenge offers is correct, and even really good if we bear in mind that it is a version specially designed to be run on mobile devices. The movement of the players is precise; thanks to the arcade gameplay in which Sega is one of the main companies in this kind of games. The touch control is presented in the touchscreen in two parts, the left part in which you find the directional pad, and the right part in which are placed the action buttons for different kinds of hits such as lobs and top spins.

Compete against all kinds of players
Compete against all kinds of players

Additional game aspects

Although it is considered a purely arcade game due to its gameplay, the different game modes it offers makes Virtua Tennis Challenge a complete simulator for mobile systems. Amongst these games, you can find the classic career mode, in this case known as SPT World Tour in which you will develop your created character with some customization elements. You will also find the Exhibition Match, the Quick Match Mode for short matches and the Training Mode for some practice.

The different game modes it offers makes Virtua Tennis Challenge a complete simulator for mobile systems

However, one of the modes that attracts more attention is the multiplayer. You will be able to play through an Internet 3G, Wifi connection or Bluetooth without additional files to download. Compete against your friends in this mode, comparing who has developed the characters in a balanced way just like in an all-stars match. There are available modes for singles or doubles, so it is up to you to choose the game style you want.

The serves are one of the main parts of the game
The serves are one of the main parts of the game

Virtua Tennis Challenge 4.5.4 Features

Check the main features of Virtua Tennis Challenge before the download:

  • Realistic Arcade game control customizable through the settings menu depending on your smartphone or iPad
  • Good number of game modes such as the Quick Match or Training mode that add variety to the game
  • STP World Tour mode in which you can train and play while your character is progressing in the world competition
  • Game compatible with external hardware such as the MOGA to enhance the gameplay
  • Variety of available stadiums and slots for up to 50 different characters in the same game

In case you want to check more data about the App before the install process, be free to visit the developer's website.

System Requirements

Here are listed the requirements for your device to run this game:

  • OS: iOS 4.3 or Android 2.3 on your device
  • Free Space: 382MB to install the App data



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